New Book Club - Community Book Read

RPIA is holding a Community Book Read to discuss

Critical Race Theory: An Introduction (3rd Edition)

by Richard Delgado

Urban Crisis

The Zoom discussion is scheduled for Sunday, November 14, 4-6PM.

The book is currently available from Pages Bookstore for $27, minus a 15% discount for RPIA Book club members. Also available on Kindle.

The idea for this Community Book Read was generated at a Discussion on Race held in December 2020, with a group of RPIA neighbors who wanted to create a local forum for discussing race issues in our community.

For more information contact:
Ivan Johnson (iajoffice [at]
Bonnie Halloran (bonnieabh [at]
Stephanie Young (stephyoung324 [at]

Previous Discussions

The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race & Inequality in Postwar Detroit

by Thomas Sugrue

Urban Crisis

The Zoom discussion is scheduled for Sunday, September 26, 4-6 PM.

Overcoming Bias: Building Authentic Relationships Across Differences

by Tiffany Jana & Matthew Freeman

Over Coming Bias

The Zoom discussion is scheduled for Sunday, June 27, 4-6 PM.

White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son

by Tim Wise

ZOOM Discussion (Register Below and link will be emailed to you prior to the discussion)
Sunday, April 18 @ 4-6 PM

So You Want to Talk about Race

by Ijeoma Oluo

ZOOM Discussion
Sunday, February 21 @ 4PM