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The 1619 Project

Created by Pulitzer prize winner, Nikole Hannah-Jones

Discussion on the The 1619 Project, a collection of essays and 36 poems that show "how the inheritance of 1619 reaches into every part of contemporary American society…"

The 1619 Projecty

Join our Zoom Discussion and explore why there was such a strong backlash to the initial New York Times Project and the book. Sunday, June 26, 4-6pm

Book available at our local bookseller, Pages Bookshop (Discount using the code: RPIA C R). 19560 Grand River. You can also get in audio format.

For more information contact:
Ivan Johnson (iajoffice [at]
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Previous Discussions

The Color of Law

by Richard Rothstein

The Color Of Law

The Zoom discussions:
Chapters 1-8 Sunday, March 27th, 4-6PM
Remainder of book Sunday, April 24th, 4-6PM (Not required to have read Chapters 1-8)

Caste: The Origins of our Discontents

by Isabel Wilkerson

Urban Crisis

The Zoom discussion is scheduled for Sunday, February 20th, 4-6PM.

Critical Race Theory: An Introduction (3rd Edition)

by Richard Delgado

Urban Crisis

The Zoom discussion is scheduled for Sunday, November 14, 4-6PM.

The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race & Inequality in Postwar Detroit

by Thomas Sugrue

Urban Crisis

The Zoom discussion is scheduled for Sunday, September 26, 4-6 PM.

Overcoming Bias: Building Authentic Relationships Across Differences

by Tiffany Jana & Matthew Freeman

Over Coming Bias

The Zoom discussion is scheduled for Sunday, June 27, 4-6 PM.

White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son

by Tim Wise

ZOOM Discussion (Register Below and link will be emailed to you prior to the discussion)
Sunday, April 18 @ 4-6 PM

So You Want to Talk about Race

by Ijeoma Oluo

ZOOM Discussion
Sunday, February 21 @ 4PM